Stone Removal

Flat Roof Stone Removal Services

Your flat roof requires repairs, but it’s covered in either gravel or ballast stones, which makes it challenging to work on. Most ballast removal companies will come and get the job done right, but that still requires you to find a qualified roofing expert to handle the repairs. Why not kill two birds with one stone and hire a roofing expert that can do both? Seal Roofing offers extensive commercial roofing services, stone removal included.

Roof Ballast Rock Removal

If your business has a flat roof, chances are you have some form of gravel or stones on it. If you’ve ever wondered why that’s the case, it’s because they keep the roof in place. Since around the 1970s, stone ballasts have been used to keep roof membranes down and safe from extreme temperatures while also preventing winds or water from causing lasting damage or moving the roof around. When it’s time to repair your roof, you need some method of getting the gravel or stones off of the roof so a crew can go up and start making repairs. Seal Roofing offers roof vacuuming services, either as a free service for any roof repair job or as an individual service if you need to replace your stone or gravel for any reason. You can expect a fast, efficient ballast rock removal from our experienced team so you can get back to business as usual.

Professional Stone and Gravel Removal

Whether your roof has river rock, pea gravel, or any other type of ballast, Seal Roofing has the services to safely and efficiently remove it.

Roof Rock Removal Equipment

Seal Roofing uses only the best materials and equipment so our customers are guaranteed a quick, safe, and efficient ballast removal job. We utilize the most technologically advanced vacuums in the industry ranging from dry vacuums or wet vacs, depending on what the situation calls for. Our industrial vacuums safely remove all ballasts on the roof with minimal downtime. Once done vacuuming, roof preparation is complete and repairs can begin.

Side view of a commercial building with stone roof

Vacuuming, Roofing, and More

When you need high-quality roofing services that go beyond stone removal, Seal Roofing is a roofing industry leader. We offer everything from roof replacements and new construction to snow removal services for your business. Our roofing contractor expertise spans 30+ years and it shows. We have a full line of certifications for every major manufacturer to fit all your roofing needs. Our crew has also undergone extensive background checks. so they are capable of working on roofs for schools, churches, and more. They also have the experience necessary to provide you a high-quality roofing solution that you can take pride in. When you need the best roofing services for your business, call Seal Roofing today.

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