Commercial Roof Construction

Seal Roofing provides high-quality new construction roofing for the Philadelphia metro area.

Seal Roofing specializes in commercial roof construction projects. Our full-service solutions focus on the efficiency and longevity of your roof.

Philadelphia’s Trusted Choice for New Construction Roofing

Seal Roofing has a reputation for delivering solutions our clients trust, because we’re experts in our craft. With over four decades of experience in commercial roof construction, we know what it takes to build a system that lasts.

Detailed Assessments

No facility is the same, and your roof deserves a personalized construction plan. That’s why all of our commercial roof construction projects start with a free assessment, so we can:

  • Examine the status of your current structure
  • Assess the compatibility of your new roof with the rest of your building
  • Determine the ideal type of insulation, membrane, and material
  • Evaluate what environmental conditions your new roof needs to withstand

Using these findings, we’ll design a roofing system that fits your facility’s unique needs.

High-Quality Communication

Seal Roofing knows how crucial transparency is during the roofing process. That’s why we prioritize communication with our clients. Once your assessment wraps up, we’ll present an outline for your new roofing project, highlighting:

  • Detailed project descriptions
  • Estimated timeline
  • System details
  • Installation methods
  • Projected costs

Attention to detail during the early stages of your new construction project plays a large role in your roof’s performance. Seal Roofing takes the time to get it right, letting you rest assured.

Industry-Leading Roofing Materials

Partnering with Seal Roofing means you get to choose from several long-lasting, high-quality roofing materials, including:

EPDM Roofing

Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM), roofing is a rubberized roofing material that works best in commercial facilities with flat or low-slope roofs.

At Seal Roofing, we recommend EPDM for many of our commercial partners because it delivers several benefits, such as:

Roofing worker using blow torch to seal EPDM material
  • Energy-Efficiency

    Other roofing materials absorb the sun’s rays, contributing to an energy transfer between the outdoor climate and your indoor temperature. EPDM, however, has a rubber base, making it highly effective in deflecting sunlight. With EPDM, there’s no heat transfer between the sun and your roof, enabling your HVAC systems to use less energy when cooling your building.

  • Durability

    EPDM’s rubber base also delivers enhanced protection from the elements. Unlike most other materials, hail damage isn’t an issue for rubber membranes. EPDM roofing is also fire-resistant, helping protect your facility during emergencies.

  • Low-Cost

    Compared to other types of commercial roof construction, EPDM installation is non-invasive, meaning you’ll save money on material and labor costs. Additionally, the cost of upkeep is relatively low. With regular maintenance, you’ll rarely find yourself dealing with EPDM roofing repairs.

TPO Roofing

Thermoplastic polyolefin roofing (TPO), is another popular choice for commercial buildings with flat roofs. Constructed from a combination of plastic and rubber materials, it provides the same benefits as EPDM roofing with a few additional advantages:

Commercial rooftop with various white TPO materials
  • Leak-Prevention

    Leaky roofs are a consistent pain point for property managers across the nation. Luckily, TPO roofing helps mitigate the risk of water damage. Because plastic and rubber are naturally hydrophobic, TPO roofs are incredibly effective in preventing water damage.

  • Temperature Management

    Like EPDM roofing, TPO also reduces the energy transfer between outside heat and your roof—but with an added benefit. Because the material used for TPO roofs is white, it’s even more effective in reflecting ultraviolet light.

Asphalt Shingles

For businesses needing to comply with their local Property Owners Association, Seal Roofing’s asphalt shingles are a popular choice. Compared to rubber roofing, they’re more visually appealing, helping improve your commercial property’s exterior appearance.

Our asphalt shingles are also highly versatile, as they come in several different:

  • Angles
  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Forms

This versatility provides an extra level of customization to your roof, enhancing your facility’s aesthetic.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is an increasingly popular for commercial roof construction due to its many benefits, including:

  • Over 50 years of quality performance
  • Stylish material choices in various colors
  • Interlocking panels that maximize wind resistance
  • Fire resistance and prevention
  • Durability from the elements
  • Energy efficiency and temperature management
  • Low-weight tiles that preserve your structural integrity

For commercial businesses focused on their roof’s longevity, metal roofing is your best bet. By scheduling annual maintenance with Seal Roofing, you can keep your structure in top condition for decades.

Slate and Tile Roofing

At Seal Roofing, our slate tiles are created by taking slate—a natural, fine-grained rock—and splitting it into smooth, flat pieces.

Since slate roofs are extremely dense, they can withstand nearly all types of inclement weather. Because slate tiles are interlocked together, they create a watertight seal that keeps your business protected from future storms. Natural slate tiles are known to stand the test of time, keeping your building protected anywhere from 75-100 years.

No matter your roofing goals, Seal Roofing has the materials to make your vision a reality.

Planning new construction in PA? Struggling to find the right material for your building? Reach out to Seal Roofing, we’ll help you explore your roofing options. 

Seal Roofing: We’re More Than Just a Contractor

At Seal Roofing, we’re not simply a contractor—we’re your dedicated roofing consultant.

Before setting foot on your project site, Seal Roofing takes the time to discuss your goals and options. We’ll inspect your commercial facility, assess your current situation, and develop customized roofing solutions to provide the best return on your investment.

If you want to get the most out of your new construction roofing in Philadelphia, don’t settle for an average company. Partner with the experts at Seal Roofing. Our transparent process, quality materials, and experienced technicians deliver a new roof that exceeds your expectations.

If you have a commercial roof construction project on the horizon, start by scheduling a free assessment with Seal Roofing.

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