Winter Time Emergency Roof Repairs

December 21, 2019

Winter weather is here. Wind, rain, ice, snow, hail—winter is tough on your roof. Everything from ice dams to gutter clogs can put your roof under stress and in need of an emergency roof repair. Here in Philadelphia, and in areas of winter temperature extremes, you should do some basic roof preparations and inspections as the temperatures drop. Here are the basic steps to avoid emergency roof repairs this winter.

By the way, it is incredibly dangerous to inspect or attempt to repair your roof on your own. Even seasoned pros experience hazards, especially in winter. Please call an experienced roofing company like Seal Roofing at (215) 533-4066 for you pre-winter inspection.

Inspect Your Gutters – Leaves! They clog your gutters, can become impacted hold moisture and can damage your roof. That’s because foliage gets inside the gutters and clogs a home’s exterior drainage system. Leaves and other debris prevent your gutters from draining water away from your roof. As winter sets in, these blocked gutters enable water to pool up on the roofing systems, resulting in a weaken roof.
Over time, gutters come loose and hang lower. Unfastened pieces cause water to spill onto your roof and your walls. So, clean out those blockages and make sure all your gutters are tight and looking good.

Remove Ice Blocks – Heat from inside your house rises and melts the snow, and ice that has collected on your roof. The melt water moves down then freezes up again as it hits the cooler section near the edge of your roof. The ice builds up and makes a dam that causes water to pool up. If not handled quickly, that water will weaken your roof and leak into your home. The best way to prevent ice dams from occurring is to make sure your roofing system runs through your gutter systems smoothly, look for trouble spots, and clear them.

Inspect Your Roof Structure – Roofs collect all kinds of debris. Excess water can collect in the shallows or valleys and create a roof emergency. Heavy debris can pile up on your roof, like tree limbs, putting a great deal of strain on the roof. While it’s best not to inspect the roof on your own, you should call the professionals at Seal Roofing so we can inspect your roof.

Schedule Inspections With Seal Roofing – Routine maintenance is important. Your roof is the most important part of your shelter. By having Seal Roofing inspect your roof regularly, you can catch trouble before it causes real damage. Whether you need flat roof inspection, shingle roof maintenance, tile roof repair, slate roof repair, or any other type of upkeep, the experienced workers at Seal Roofing can keep your roof healthy, and if there is an emergency, even on a snow day, we will perform emergency repair of your roof 24/7. CALL ANYTIME AT  (215) 533-4066